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Library and Information Centre


Library and Information Centre


The Library & Information Centre (LIC) at SPT aims at accumulation & dissemination of knowledge, information, insights and intellectual contribution in all areas of Engineering with an emphasis on Petroleum Engineering and Renewable Energy. LIC is on its way to becoming an outstanding learning resource centre for the students, faculty, and researchers of SPT, SSE, SLS, SOT and SPM communities.

The LIC is made user-friendly by using Information Technology services such as OPAC for checking online availability and online book reservation. It is ensured that the resources are easily accessible to the users, remote access to e-resources and online databases are also made available.





Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Library Objectives

•     To acquire, organize and preserve a collection of information resources as required for supporting teaching and research of students, faculty and alumni and other members of the PDPU community

•     To maintain and organize the physical environment to be conducive to the preservation and use of the Library’s resources by staff and users

•     To facilitate access to and use of the Library’s own resources and external sources of information

•     To ensure resources are made available in the most convenient and user-friendly formats possible with access to support services where appropriate

•     To offer instruction/expert guidance needed to users for effective use of the Library

      To respond to the needs of disabled users and other Library user groups with special requirements

      To develop and participate in information networks and professional contacts in order to enhance better platform for scholarship and research, support co-operative efforts amongst global institutions, and foster and maintain contacts with international scholars, researchers, librarians and information specialists

•     To provide business information services to external and internal users.


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